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I love telling stories and I ask a lot of questions. It’s a pairing that’s suited me well in writing and in life. It’s helped me earn a gold APAC Effie Award for marketing, too.

So, what can I do for you?



  • Reported stories
  • Essays
  • Features and profiles
  • Opinions and columns
  • Interviews



As a public speaker, I use my research, expertise and personal story to speak as a panelist and guest lecturer a variety of topics including:

  • Media diversity (representation issues in the industry and in media)
  • Race and gender-related issues
  • Popular culture
  • Content strategy
  • Intrapreneurship - Career advice on navigating the corporate world



If diversity and inclusion aren’t part of your marketing strategy, it should be. I work to ensure brand marketing efforts are culturally competent, helping businesses avoid fatal errors in messaging, creative and representation.

Don’t let the echo chamber in your company’s brainstorm meetings grow louder than common sense.

Don’t be Pepsi.

To see a little of what I've done before, head over to the portfolio. And if you’d like to talk about working together, shoot me a note!