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I love telling stories and I ask a lot of questions. It’s a pairing that’s suited me well in writing and in life. It’s helped me earn a gold APAC Effie Award for marketing and a Webby Award nomination for editorial, too.

So, what can I do for you?




You can view my resume here.



  • Reported stories

  • Essays

  • Features and profiles

  • Opinions and columns

  • Interviews


for Brands:

If diversity and inclusion aren’t part of your marketing strategy, it should be. As both a strategist and a copywriter, I work to ensure brand marketing efforts are culturally competent, and resonant with local, national, and global audiences. I help businesses avoid fatal errors in messaging, creative, and representation.

Don’t let the echo chamber in your company’s brainstorm meetings grow louder than common sense.

Don’t be Pepsi.



As a public speaker, I use my research, expertise and personal story to speak as a panelist and guest lecturer a variety of topics including:

  • Media diversity (representation issues in the industry and in media)

  • Content strategy

  • Career guidance for young professionals

  • Race and gender-related topics

  • Popular culture

To see a little of what I've done before, head over to the portfolio. And if you’d like to talk about working together, shoot me a note!