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ROLE: creAtive marketing consultant & copywriter

I was tapped by the industry leader in streaming to work on a project I can’t tell you much about yet because I signed an NDA. Just know that I crafted messaging, key art taglines, and wrote social copy.

And they didn’t send back any edits.


ROLE: copywriter & social engagement supervisor | CLIENT: Bayer

The Midol woman is fearless, unstoppable, modern, savvy, and sassy—there is no way that she is going to let period symptoms slow her down. I developed a new voice and visual brand for their social media platforms to reflect the spirit and interests of Millennial women. Bright, chic colors and lively imagery paired with quippy, culturally-relevant copy made this campaign a wild success—and an immense amount of fun to work on. In 15 months our team updated Midol's Facebook page, and expanded the brand's social presence to include Twitter and Instagram. I provided editorial and creative direction to influence the look and feel of the website, and conceptualized and coordinated a photo shoot for product-focused custom content. 

A Dream Deferred

ROLE: copywriter | CLIENT: little giant creative

A Dream Deferred is a multimedia and multidisciplinary project exploring how historic systemic policies and practices play out in the nation’s poorest large city. Winner of the 2017 Knight Cities Challenge, A Dream Deferred provides a comprehensive narrative detailing the ways in which historic housing discrimination practices affect the contemporary and future landscape of Philadelphia. I wrote copy and was something of a data translator for the project, which included an interactive touchscreen, art installation, documentary, panel discussions and data maps. The limited-run public exhibit had an estimated 1,500 visitors, with 55% of attendees saying they were more likely to vote in the next election because of it.

tapestry collection

ROLE: managing editor & strategist | CLIENT: hilton

Tapesty Collection by Hilton debuted on social in January 2017, in time for the hospitality industry's annual ALIS Conference. Though the brand identity had yet to be determined, I was given a two-week turnaround to draft and execute a launch strategy to satisfy immediate client requests for presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as fan acquisition. The Phase Two social launch, inclusive of paid media strategy, began in April 2017, following the launch of the brand's website.